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Are you looking for professional, affordable translation proofreading services, completed by expert linguists? Perhaps you have a text that has been translated by either yourself or someone else, and you want peace of mind that it is word-perfect. No matter how many times you read and reread a text, it is always better to have an expert pair of eyes look at it. Our proofreaders have an excellent eye for detail and work meticulously to ensure that your text is of the highest possible quality.

We provide proofreading services across a broad range of languages and industries.

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Our proofreading service includes:

Translation Proofreading

One of our expert linguists will review your translated document against the source to ensure it has been translated accurately and correct any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. They will also search for anomalies such as incorrect sentence structure etc.

Translation Editing

Editing is completed before any proofreading and involves a sentence by sentence analysis of the translated text. It is about ensuring the text is clear, coherent and uniform. Editing is about style, and making sure a text comes across as the writer intended.

Our real, human editors are experts in various fields. Our hand-picked team underwent a rigorous selection process and is supported by the latest technologies.

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