I have been using Krishna Translations’ translation and interpretation services for a couple of years. Nitin and I have spent almost two years getting to know each other on Skype and enough time together in India for me to make these comments with a high degree of accuracy. Nitin is a man of integrity. When he tells someone he will do something, one can count on its being done. When he sets a deadline, and makes a commitment, he always meets that commitment. His word is his bond. He is a tireless worker. I have seen him at work, interpreting on the phone with me with specific people whose language I do not share. He and his team allow me to look good in their eyes by their accurate translations. Nitin, you are my friend and I am proud of that.

Evan Weston

Unicity International

I have been using Krishna Translations now for over 12 months both in supplying face to face verbal translations as well as online translations of various languages.

I have always found their service to be punctual and accurate and they do a great job in acknowledging receipt of emails / documents that need translations.

I am more than happy with their service and am happy to recommend them as an excellent translation service.

Mim Gaetano


Probably, the best translation company! The support staff is very friendly and helpful, they really care about you and your needs. And of course, the translators are real professionals! I know that I can always rely on them!

Chief Editor, UK

They provide quality help with translations for an unbelievable price. And they also never fail to meet the deadlines, no matter how urgent your order might be.

Journalist, Spain

Honestly, the time, effort and energy you fuelled into our project was impressive and the result superbly amazing. Thanks once again for such a brilliant job – it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

Entrepreneur, Germany

I can definitely recommend this translation company: their professionalism, linguistic expertise, awareness of localisation challenges and excellent timing make for an ideal working relationship.

Linguist, USA

  • Gaurav Barot
    Gaurav Barot
    Director, Webbados Pvt. Ltd.
    Ok, here I go. The company takes pleasure in serving their clients with a smile. And when you are done relishing their humbleness, you are told that they have over-delivered. How fantastic!
  • Priya Kaneria
    Priya Kaneria
    Krishna™ is the consummate professional. Their vast experience ensures their clients’ expectations are exceeded.

  • Sagar Brahmbhatt
    Sagar Brahmbhatt
    HealthPlacid MediInnovations Pvt. Ltd.
    Krishna™ is innovative and intelligent, and their professional approach in every thing they do ensures their clients receive the best in the industry.
  • Parag Belsare
    Parag Belsare
    TechYuga Pvt. Ltd.
    Right from laying down project management blue-print from post project evaluation, Krishna™ did everything in style and to perfection.