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Are you looking for professional transcription services? Do you need to transcribe audio to text? Perhaps a film, a telephone call, or an interview?

Krishna™ Translations offers a vast array of quality multi-language transcription services to meet all of your needs. We provide both same-language and multilingual transcripts in over 150 different languages, covering many dialects and accents. Whether it be a same-language transcription, audio transcription and translation services, or even subtitles in a time coded format, look no further.

Our professional linguists only ever translate into their mother tongue, ensuring a fluent, natural-sounding result.

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Our transcription service includes:

Same-Language Transcriptions

Same-language transcripts involve listening to a recording and typing up the contents into a digital written format. They are often required by professionals such as doctors, lawyers and lecturers who need certified written copies of discussions available for reference.

Multi-Language Transcription Services

Multilingual transcription services involve transcribing a recording directly into another language. Translation allows your audio media to be understood by a foreign audience even when it wasn't originally recorded in their native mother tongue.

Double-Column Transcriptions

This involves transcribing audio content into its original language before then translating it into a second language. The layout of the transcript is in two columns so that the reader can understand which part of the original the translation corresponds to.

Subtitle Translations

This involves producing either same or foreign language transcripts in a time coded format that can be used in post-production for clips or films. Subtitling benefits the deaf, hard-of-hearing or foreign viewers who are unable to understand the original.

Expect a high standard, and punctuality. Get a deep sense of satisfaction after we deliver. Rinse and repeat!

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